Upper Breamish Valley near Alnham Moor (by James Bone)





 St Michael and All Angels, Ingram 





At the entrance to the National Park at Ingram, near the River Breamish, stands St Michael and All Angels Church. A church has stood here since the 11th century, and there are indications that a building was here before that date. 


In the 1200s the church was bigger than it is now as the local community obviously prospered but three centuries later after intermittent raids by the Scots it stood almost ruined. A relatively short period of peace saw an upturn in the lives of the community and therefore the Church but as the fabric crumbled large parts of the building were demolished and the tower was walled up because it was in danger of collapsing. In the 19th century two Rectors oversaw the restoration of the building and this is what we see today. 


 Interior of Ingram Parish Church

The size of the Rectory might indicate that at one time Ingram was a thriving and wealthy community, certainly larger than it is now. However, the Rectory is now privately owned and the village has shrunk considerably. 

The Church still has an active but small regular congregation and high days and holidays often see the pews filled. 


Interior of Ingram Parish Church 2


 Restoration work continues today. Many fund raising events are held throughout the year to meet the day to day costs of quotas, electric bills and insurance. Considerable sums have been raised towards the work of restoring the organ, rewiring, dehumidifying and other more long term work that has to be undertaken. The church is part of our heritage so it is important that we do what we can to keep it open. Visitors are very welcome to attend services. 


Services are held every Sunday from April to October: 


                         1st Sunday 10.00 am Family Worship 

                         2nd Sunday 11.30 am Sung Eucharist 

                         3rd Sunday 6.00 pm Evensong 

                         4th Sunday 11.30 am Sung Eucharist 

                         5th Sunday 6.00 Evensong 


And from October to April: 


                         1st Sunday 10.00 am Family Worship 

                         2nd Sunday 11.30 am Sung Eucharist 

                         3rd Sunday no service 

                         4th Sunday 11.30 am Sung Eucharist 

                         5th Sunday No Service 


There are wonderful walks through the National Park starting from the Church. Maps are available from the Information Centre in the car park by the church. A copy of Hidden Gems is available in the church – this will help you discover many interesting and attractive churches hidden away off the beaten track, including St Michael’s. 


Ingram Church memorial lych gate


A new History of the Church has just been published and is on sale in the Church at £2.50.




The children of Branton First School, with help from parents, have created a wonderful textile wall hanging representing everything they know and love about Ingram and the Breamish Valley. They suggested hanging it in the church for everyone to enjoy. If you visit the church, you can see it hanging by the vestry wall, but here is a picture of it in case you are not able to visit.



Wall hanging created by children of Branton school.





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