Upper Breamish Valley near Alnham Moor (by James Bone)


Ingram Village Hall Refurbishment in Pictures

This overdue picture update shows the village hall transformed! The air to water heating system has been installed, underfloor heating all in place and new flooring laid. With the wood panelling and walls painted the village hall looks fresh and welcoming and feels warm and dry. Only a few minor jobs to be done and the work will be complete. Congratulations to everyone involved.


18 July 2010 - These pictures show the underfloor heating in place and the new flooring being laid. The roof beams have been reinforced to take the extra weight of the PV panels and have been stained to the original colour. Outside, on the North side of the building (tucked away from public view) the heat exchanger and the little cabin housing (containing the heat pump controls and 'buffer' hot water tank for the air to water system)
are all smartened up and operational. The roof vent is back in its proper place and will also be operational again. With the dado in place and the interior paintwork complete, the hall looks smart and inviting.



                         Painting complete and open for business           Exterior of hall showing air to water heat exchanger and the box of tricks for the PV cells



         The committee cleans up before the painters arrive            Liam and Kevin laying the new flooring



                 The roof vent back in its rightful place       Underfloor heating pipes and insulation in place



11 May 2010 - The village hall was sufficiently complete to allow it to be used as a polling station for the recent general election. Fantastic progress has been made as you will see from the images below. We particularly love the refurbished roof ventilation cone which is part of the character of the hall and is looking magnificent.


                         Old ventilation cone                        Refurbished ventilation cone


The Photovoltaic panels are now all in place on the roof, tiling is complete on the North side and the interior wall panelling is nearly complete.


  Tiles on North roof      North roof tiles complete 

  Interior reinforced beams and panelling 

26 March 2010 - Stripping off of the old roofing is quickly finished and the new roofing insulation material installed. Jack Welch, Green Streets project manager discusses progress and options with local builder, Chris McCann. Meanwhile inside the building, new wood panelling is fitted to the lower part of the walls.


       Observing the roof stripping     North roof batons


          Stripping off the roof begins       Work starts on replacing the interior panelling


15 March 2010 - First fix electrical work in progress, wall insulation is well underway, and roof insulation has arrived, awaiting reinforcing works to be completed.


Electricians at work       Roof insulation is delivered


16 February 2010 - The floor insulation is complete and covered in concrete. The wall lining is in progress and the building team take a moment to pose for the camera.


Chris McCann's gang     Wall lining in progress


1 February 2010 - The new floor is taking shape.


Concrete floor is laid   Kitchen area floor 


25 January 2010 - The volunteer team barrow in the hoggin for Chris McCann's men to spread.


Just tip it there  Men multi tasking 


Last few shovels full  Nearly finished


19 January 2010 - Chris McCann's men beginning the job of lining the internal walls.


Refurbishment begins  Plastering begins


6 January 2010 - After the old internal wall cladding and floors have been stripped out, a gang of local volunteers, young and old alike,  turned out to complete the stripping out and leave the hall ready for Chris McCann's men to prepare the walls for waterproofing the building. The work was ably supervised by a cock robin, who had taken advantage of the open building to seek shelter.


Stripping out   Observed by the robin 


Stripping out 2  Nearly done 


 Piling in the rubbish  Poetry in motion 


Stripping out complete  The work gang 







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