Upper Breamish Valley near Alnham Moor (by James Bone)


Ingram Show 2009

2009 was the centenary of Ingram Show. The occasion was marked with the traditional programme of activities, which were greatly enjoyed by all the vistors, including descendants of the founder of the show in 1909.

A sunny day for Ingram Show 2009

There was excellent press coverage of the day and a good number of entries in all classes in the industrial and horticultural sections. Unfortunately, the sheep classes were limited as a precaution, due to an outbreak of sheep scab.  The dog show had a record number of entries and the sun shone.

All prizewinners received a commemorative china mug, courtesy of Northumberland National Parks.

Here is a selection of images from the show:-


A good spread in the tea room    Quiet moment in the tea room     Just look at that plateful

Dog Show

Taking entries to the dog show      Best in Show

Stalls and other events

Men's 100 metres final       Pony event      Plant stall   


 Images from Ingram Show 2003 - 2007

Champ  Steel pans entertain  Produce display 

Terrier race scramble for the finish  Miniature perfection  Children's entry 2 

Eggs          Children's entry 2 

Dahlias             Handsome black sheep             Sweet peas